The New Lifeboat House, Fishermans Beach, Hythe, Kent
The old lifeboat house is the brick building behind it.

I asked a nearby fish merchant if he could tell me anything about the building. He told me that it was last used in 1940 when the coxswain was asked to take the lifeboat – The Viscountess Wakefield – over to Dunkirk to help evacuate troops. He refused, saying that the lifeboat was unsuitable for that purpose, but he did take his own fishing boat and successfully helped with the evacuation. Somehow the press got hold of the story about the coxswain's refusal, and navy came and took the boat across. They lost it.

The building is now used by a sub-aqua club.

(The old lifeboat house does not have a preservation order on it but the new one does).


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