Great Dixter, Northiam, East Sussex

Great Dixter is the home of gardener and writer Christopher Lloyd.

The house was bought in 1910 by his father, Nathanial Lloyd, who asked Edwin Lutyens to submit plans for restoring and enlarging the house.

"Lloyd was keen that the restoration and enlargement of Great Dixter should reflect local traditions and so he and Lutyens motored round the area examining old buildings. At Benenden, some nine miles away from Northiam, they saw the derelict remains of an early 16th-century timber house called the Old House at Home, the chimney of which had collapsed, rendering the structure subject to a demolition order. At Lutyens’ suggestion, negotiations for its purchase were entered into with its owner, a local auctioneer called Charles Butcher, and were concluded in June 1910 for the sum of £75." (Charles Hind – A Guide to Great Dixter)

But not included in the price was the corrugated iron covering the roof which Butcher insisted they leave behind!

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